When we go to Disney World we go a little crazy with the things we buy…but we LOVE it! We have purchased so many cool things from this past trip, and it’s always so exciting whenever we get something new from Disney World. Jenna showed all the things she picked up from this past trip…so here is everything I picked up!



As you Jenna stated in part 1 of the haul, we love our mugs. Disney World has the coolest and most creative mugs. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and pouring coffee into a fun mug that puts a smile on your face. It makes the morning a little bit better! Here’s some of the mugs I purchased on our trip.



This was actually the first mug I saw on our first day at Magic Kingdom. I was debating on getting either this mug, or all of the “You are here” mugs. With that being said, I am very happy with my decision to go with the different mugs from the different parks. This is the Starbucks “Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary” mug, and it may be my favorite souvenir I got the whole trip! I purchased it in the Starbucks on Main Street.




Here we have a really really cool mug that I found when we were in Epcot! For some odd reason, I was having a really hard time finding a mug while in epcot. They only had a few different styles in all the shops. It wasn’t until the end of the day when I found this in the last shop we hadn’t been into. It has all different flags in the mickey silhouette, and it was definitely the best yet most simple mugs there!




Here we have the mug I purchased during my first trip to Animal Kingdom! There were so many cool mugs in Animal Kingdom. Compared to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom has much more of mug selection. I just think this mug is so much fun with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy ready to explore the wilderness! Next year I think I’m going to pick up the Tree of Life mug. There’s some awesome souvenirs at Animal Kingdom!


Travel Mugs

I drink coffee every morning on my way into work, and my main goal in Disney was to get some really nice travel mugs to take with me on my ride in. Needless to say, I indeed found some great travel mugs, and I was so impressed with the huge selection of travel mugs that were in the parks. Here are the ones I picked up!



This was exactly what I envisioned when I set out to find the perfect travel mug. Here we have a super simple design, with an old school mickey right on front. It just looks really nice with the red and silver. I have never tried the “Mickey’s coffee brand”, but it’s everywhere around Disney World.  Jenna and I actually found this in the “Confectionery”, one of our favorite spots on Main Street. She was even kind enough to surprise me with it! I was very very happy to receive it!




This is one of the coolest mugs that can be found in Disney World. I was impressed when I actually looked and saw all of the detail in this thing. Just from this picture you can see that they included so many different elements on the outside of the mug. There are even a few things included on it from Disneyland in California, so that’s pretty unique! Jenna also surprised me with this at the “Confectionery”! Unfortunately, the handle has already snapped off…but that wont stop me from using it!



Anyone who is on the Disney Dining Plan, gets this travel mug when checking in! You’re entitled to unlimited refills during your stay, as well. Our last few trips however, we were at the farthest point away from the dining hall, so we never went for refills. But it sure does make for a great travel mug!                                                                                                         *This travel mug is also available in blue, purple, and pink!*





Gaston’s Tavern is one of my most FAVORITE places in all of Disney World. Beauty and the Beast has become one of my most favorite Disney movies of all time, and Gaston has became my most favorite villain! I was really looking for a bunch of Gaston Souvenirs, but unfortunately there’s not too much available. Luckily for me though, If you order Le Foux’s Brew, (Which is delicious, by the way), you can get this souvenir cup with it! I was very excited, and I’m glad we remembered to come back here!





Here is the only shirt that I bought during our trip! I really tried to restrain myself, because I knew if I really wanted to, I would’ve come home with a whole new wardrobe. This is a really cool shirt that we found in Epcot, that has mickey, all covered up with different flags from different countries. Very happy with this pickup! (I’d show a picture of it in person, but it’s currently in the wash!)





I had never been on Expedition Everest, so I really had no clue what it was, or how it was going to be. Well, I can say, after riding it, it quickly became one of my most favorite rides in all of Disney World. It was so much fun, I had to grab a sweatshirt that I found in the shop. Last year I had purchased a grey sweatshirt like this from Epcot, so I was on the lookout for another nice sweatshirt, and im glad I saw this!




I wasn’t really looking for a hat to buy, but when I saw this that at Animal Kingdom…I had to have it! It’s such a simple hat with the nice logo right on the front, I really couldn’t pass it up. I even ended up wearing it for the rest of our trip! I’m excited to wear this hat for many more Disney Trips!



That just about wraps it up for all of our pickups from Disney World this year! We’re already thinking about what to get on our next disney trip!