As we all know by now, Disney is for all ages. You can be 3 or you can be 90, it’s magical for everyone. To please all of these different age groups, there are some rides that are just too much for little children.

But obviously there are many attractions that are made specifically for children and today I’m going to give you some great ideas of what you can do with your child in Magic Kingdom.

TEA CUPS- Unless you have crazy motion sickness, the teacups are fun for everyone! The teacups are called “Mad Tea Party” and it’s based off of the film “Alice In Wonderland”. The teacups are located in fantasyland and there is no height or age limit.

DUMBO THE FLYING ELEPHANT- This ride is also in Fantasyland and is for all ages and sizes. If you haven’t seen Dumbo (1941), he’s an elephant who can fly with his huge ears. This ride is a carousel-style ride – but flying. It’s comparable to Aladdin’s Magic Carpets in Adventureland.

JUNGLE CRUISE- Ah, the world famous Jungle Cruise. This is definitely a favorite of mine, and is perfect for any age. Jungle Cruise is found in Adventureland as well. A skipper will take you on a tour through the rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America while cracking the corniest and funniest jokes you will ever hear. You’ll see a lot of fun things on the way, as well.

PRINCESS FAIRYTALE HALL- Princess Fairytale hall is a place in Fantasyland where you can meet a few princesses. 2 on each side of the hall. For example: you can get in line to meet Rapunzel and Tiana, or you can get in line to meet Elsa and Anna, but you wont meet all 4 from the same line.  If you are done meeting Rapunzel and Tiana, you will have to wait in the other line all over again if you want to meet Elsa and Anna. This is a great attraction to have a fast past for and is a perfect place for your little prince or princess to talk and laugh with their favorite characters.

MONSTERS INC. LAUGH FLOOR- The laugh floor in located in Tomorrowland. This is for all ages. It is a “live” comedy show starring the characters from Monsters Inc. If you are tired of walking around, or are hot, I recommend this attraction for you and your child.

ENCHANTED TALES WITH BELLE- This is another attraction for anyone of any age and perfect for children. This is located in Fantasyland. Going to enchanted tales with Belle means reliving the magic of Beauty and the Beast starring Lumiere, Belle, and your child!

PETER PANS FLIGHT- If you and your child want to fly over London with Peter Pan himself, this is the attraction for you!

“ITS A SMALL WORLD”- As a parent, this will probably be your worst nightmare. But your child will most likely enjoy it. Basically you’re on a boat being sung “Its a small world” in different languages by little robotic kids..not as horrible as it sounds..but horrible. Fun for the kids though!


UNDER THE SEA- JOURNEY OF THE LITTLE MERMAID- In this ride, you will be going under the sea (but not really) to enjoy some classic scenes from the little mermaid!

PRINCE CHARMING REGAL CARROUSEL- Who doesn’t love a good ol’ “Merry Go Round?” the carrousel is located in Fantasyland and of course we know your child will love it!

Now, these are not ALL of the attractions children can enjoy in the Magic Kingdom. There are plenty more, but these are just a few that we believe you really shouldn’t miss!