Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom truly is THE MOST magical kingdom you will ever go to. This park is filled with nothing but amazing rides, stores, food, castles, and of course- magic.

My first trip to Disney I knew absolutely nothing. If my cousin wasn’t a cast member, we would’ve been completely lost and confused. This is why it is important to do as much research as possible so that you can truly enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Everything in Magic Kingdom is incredible, and I’m sure you will have a wonderful time regardless, but I’m going to give you some attractions that you seriously can’t miss while you are on your Disney Vacation.

SPLASH MOUNTAIN- Splash Mountain is one of the most popular rides in magic kingdom; ESPECIALLY on a hot day.. and you’re in Florida, so most days are hot. Splash Mountain is a water ride located in Frontierland with a 56 foot drop. It is based on of the 1946 Disney film Song of the South. This ride is my personal favorite. Trust me, you will probably find yourself back in line realllllllly quick. Just make sure you have a fast past.

BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD- Big thunder mountain is another one of these popular rides I speak of above. There’s no big drops and is a good ride for someone who is scared of rollercoasters. When I first went to Disney I was terrified of roller coasters, but this one is simple, and still so fun.

SPACE MOUNTAIN- I’m sure you’ve noticed a trend by now with the word “mountain” in every ride thus far but no worries; this is the last one. These rides are known as the three mountains. Space mountain is basically like you are flying through space but if you have motion sickness like me, you probably wont be friends because it is a bumpy ride! It’s also super dark.

Most people love this one, though.

MAIN STREET USA-  Donny and I seriously believe Main Street USA is the best part of Magic Kingdom. Honestly, even if you wanted to, you can’t miss it because it’s literally the street leading up to the castle, and everything else in the park. What we mean by things you cant miss, is the experience. You need to experience all of Main Street. Such as, all of the shops, the parades, and the beauty of it at night. Trust me, it truly is magical.

WISHES- Wishes is the firework show that Magic Kingdom puts on every single night. Make sure to stick around the parks late enough at least once to experience the magic!

BE OUR GUEST- If you are a Beauty and the Beast fan- this is a MUST. Be our guest is a beauty and the best themed restaurant. This includes the enchanted rose, Lumiere, SNOW, and more! Breakfast and Lunch are quick service, so reservations are easy to get. Dinner is where the real magic happens, though. During your meal, the beast will walk through each dining room and you are able to meet him after. If your Disney vacation is more than 100 days away, make this reservation ASAP! It is one of the hardest restaurants to get into in the magic kingdom…because its THAT amazing.

PHILHAR MAGIC- Philhar Magic is a 3D film that is 10 minutes long. Every time I go to see Philhar Magic, I get so upset when it comes near the end. It’s so fun for all ages and a great way to take a cool break from the Florida heat. Donald Duck secretly puts on Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat, it flies away, and he’s taken through various Disney films while trying to get it back.

Now these are just the things I personally believe you shouldn’t miss on your incredible trip to Magic Kingdom.  Besides these things, there are sooo many other things for you to do as well. From Pirates of the Caribbean, to meeting the princesses! Whatever you do on this trip, just make sure to enjoy every second in the most magical place on earth!