Epcot is such a great place for food and fun. It’s more of an adult friendly park, where you can indulge in different beverages and tasty snacks.  It’s widely known for the world showcase, where you can travel around the world, try all the best foods from each country and get a feel for all of the wonderful cultures. It’s really a cool place to spend the day. The world showcase isn’t the only thing that will make your day great though! There are SO many different rides and attractions that will put a smile on your face, or give you the thrill of your life. We’re going to give you the rundown on our favorite attractions. Buckle up…get ready for some fun!


If I had to choose one attraction from Epcot, without a doubt in my mind, this would be it. Originally, this was just a “flight” over California, but its new and improved! It’s an adventure throughout the world in under 5 minutes. Once buckled in, you are lifted in the air, in front of a huge screen, and off you go! You truly feel like you are flying. Air is shot on your face to give the effect you are really flying. You can even smell the grass, or the beach when flying over! It’s unbelievable. You can’t understand the magic until you have witnessed it yourself. When I’m Epcot this is a MUST. (Make sure you get a fast pass! If not, you could be waiting in line for over an hour, it’s very popular.)

Test Track

If you love thrills, this is the ride for you! Before entering the ride, you are able to create the perfect car, and you can customize it any way you would like. Once the ride starts you are put though tests, to see how efficient your car really is. The best part though, comes at the end when you are shot outside, racing at 60 mph. This ride will give you the thrill of a lifetime. You are guaranteed to walk out with a big smile on your face!

Meeting your favorite characters!

One of the most kid friendly attractions is “Mickey and Friends”. You are able to meet all your favorite friends, such as Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy! Right next door, you can also meet Joy and Sadness from Inside Out and Baymax from Big Hero Six. These characters do change from time to time though. Nothing makes Disney more magical than meeting the characters. We try meeting everyone we can, and it’s always one of the best parts of the days. This is one attraction that will brighter your day immediately! Make sure you get the PhotoPass. It’s the BEST investment you can make on your magical trip to Disney World. There’s nothing like looking back at the good times you had after they’re done!

Spaceship Earth

When you think of Epcot, I can almost guarantee you immediately think of the huge silver ball. This is where Spaceship Earth takes place. It’s a good ride to take a break and relax. Once inside, you are taken on trip through time! It’s an educational ride, that shows you the advances in science that have been made over the years. If you have some down time, I would recommend trying this one out. The waits usually aren’t very long, and it’s an experience you have to try when in Disney!