YES- bring a bag to the parks. Trust me, it won’t be that big of a hassle. You can bring your bag on every ride and they will stay safe. There’s so many little things you need to bring to the parks that it’s very recommended to bring a bag.

When you go to the parks you will need your bag checked by security. Before you get up to security make sure you unzip all of your zippers to make the process faster.

Here’s my bag: backpack

It’s from Vera Bradley in the pattern “Birdie Meets Mickey”. Vera Bradley has their very own Disney line and some of the stuff is even sold in the parks. But I got mine online. I’ll provide the link down below. It’s very comfortable and has so many little pockets to put many different things in, which will be needed!!

Link to bag:

Alright now lets get started with the Disney Park Necessity’s!

WIPES- This is one of my most used items in the parks. If you hate germs like me, you will need wipes. After going on roller coasters, before/after eating (Especially if you have messy kids) and whatever else you may use them for.

PAIN MEDICINE (IBUPROFEN)- You are doing a LOT of walking and standing around, I promise your feet will start to hurt and honestly, there isn’t much you can do about it. I always have Ibuprofen with me incase my feet hurt (WEAR GYM SHOES), or I get a headache.

SNACKS/WATER- You never know when you will get hungry. Yes, there is food and water available in the parks but maybe you will be in a situation where you cant get food/water at the moment. It’s always good to bring just a little something just to be prepared.

PORTABLE CHARGER- Come on, you’re in Disney World, you NEED your phone/ camera! You never know when you will need to take a picture of a magical moment! If your phone dies you can miss out on great photo opportunities. Not to mention, in todays society it’s impossible to go a whole 20 minutes without looking at your phone (I’m very guilty). I have a great portable charger that can last about two days and many charges without being charged again, I’ll link it down below.

Portable charger:

CHAPSTICK- Yes, chapstick. Maybe some people don’t need it as often as I do, but nothing is worse than having chapped lips and NO CHAPSTICK. On my recent January trip it got to about 48 degrees one night and my lips were sooo chapped. I was so lucky to have remembered to bring chapstick.

DEODERANT- Forgetting to put on deodorant; we have all done it. In Florida, where it is super hot most of the time…that isn’t a pretty thing. Even if you don’t forget to put it on, it won’t hurt to reapply it every once in a while. Also, just a tip: As a girl, my thighs rub together if I’m not wearing long pants. A good trick to prevent chafing is to put deodorant on your thighs! I did it on my last trip when I wore a dress to MK and it helped a lot!

GUM- Fun fact: they do not sell gum anywhere in Disney World. So, if you like to chew gum, make sure to bring your own!