There is nothing more exciting than planning your trip to the most magical place on earth. The excitement builds with every step you take in the preparation process. With that being said, it’s even more exciting when you know how to prepare for it! We are here to tell you everything you need to know about planning for your trip to Walt Disney World!

Plan in advance

When planning for your trip, it’s super important to plan as soon as possible! It’s good to have everything prepared so you’re not rushing to get everything together weeks before you go. It even adds to the excitement when you know what you’re going to do when you’re finally there! We like to plan everything as soon as we pick our resort. Last trip, we had everything set months before going. It was the best decision and it makes for a magical vacation.

Utilize the “My Disney Experience” app

“My Disney Experience” will be your best friend when planning. This app simplifies everything the planning process tremendously. You can do everything you need to do on this app. You can plan fast passes and make dinner reservations with a click of a button. This will be even more helpful when you’re finally on your trip because it will keep you on track. You’ll never miss a beat!

Research the resorts

Doing your research is so important! You need to find a resort that fits all of your needs and expectations. Look around and check all of the resorts before you choose one. There’s so many different locations with different themes and pricing. YouTube is such a great help when wanting to know what resorts look like and just to see the lay out of the resort. There’s so many little components within the resorts as well. There’s Different types of rooms you can choose from, and if you do perfect research you will find the perfect room for a perfect vacation!

Make dinner reservations as soon as possible! 

Dinner in Disney is unlike any other place. There’s so many awesome restaurants with great food and amazing atmosphere. If you do not make dinner reservations long before you go to Disney you may be out of luck! If you find a restaurant you really want to go to, make the reservation as soon as possible. There’s so many unbelievable places to eat, and if you don’t make a reservation in advance you may not be able to eat there. Some of the hardest restaurants to get in are “Be Our Guest” and “Cinderella’s Royal Table” and we made our reservations over half a year before and were able to get in. This was the best decision we ever made. These are the coolest places to eat in all of Disney World. Planning your reservations in advance pays off!

Plan your fast passes as soon as possible

This tip goes hand and hand with the last tip! The rides and attractions are the most exciting part about Disney. Making fast pass reservations as soon as possible helps you plan your day perfectly. You can schedule to go on all of your favorite rides and plan around the other things you want to do during the day. You can get the perfect times for all of your favorite rides without having to settle for a time that may not work for you. It’s nice to know there won’t be any confliction with dinner times or with other things you would like to do!

Photo Pass+

This is by far the best investment we have made on our trips to Disney World. Photo Pass+ is the part of “My Disney Experience” that allows you to instantly download the pictures that have been taken around the parks. There are photographers everywhere you go, and any time you want a picture you have the photographer take it and then you scan your magic band. Within minutes, the pictures are on “My Disney Experience” and you can instantly download to your phone. The quality on all of the pictures is perfect, and it sure beats pulling out your phone every few minutes to take a picture yourself. There’s nothing like looking back at what a magical time you had!

Disney meal plan

The Disney meal plan is a prepaid meal service that gives you the luxury of not having to worry about buying every meal on your trip. When booking your trip, you can buy this package, and select the right meal plan for you. Every day you get a table service (sit down meal), a quick service meal (fast food), and 2 snacks. All you have to do is scan your magic band and the meal is paid for. It’s nice to not have to worry about buying meals because you already paid for them ahead of time. It makes everything easier! If you’re not going to be eating more than one meal a day, this may not be right for you, but if you’re planning on indulging, this is PERFECT!                           *some nicer restaurants require 2 meals so check online ahead of time!*