As a Disney freak, I absolutely love seeing what people buy from there. Not only to plan my future purchases, but because it’s just fun to see. So I’m going to show you what I bought on my recent Disney Trip! I don’t remember prices though- but it’s Disney so I’m sure you can guess.

So this sweatshirt is one of my first purchases from this trip. I got it from Downtown Disney in the World Of Disney. Donny and I both saw it and immediately wanted it. It’s super cozy, has pockets, and has a quote from Walt!

This mug is another one of my favorite purchases. Donny and I are obsessed with mugs so we definitely bought a lot on this trip. I love this mug because it has Walt on the property of Magic Kingdom before it was built, and then fading in the background is the castle and how that property looks now.


This was an actual Necessity. At the end of our trip, the weather dropped immensely. It was cold and rainy. I’m from Chicago, so going to Florida, I literally packed all summer clothes not expecting it to be cold at all. This over a sweatshirt did the job of keeping me warm in the cold weather, and now I get to wear it all the time in the Chicago cold.


This is the cutest story. Donny and I were sitting on main street waiting for the fireworks and he said he had to go to the bathroom. He came back with this ring from Pandora! I love it!


Just a long sleeve shirt from epcot. One of my favorite shirts!



I got these two shirts from the American Pavillion in Epcot. Besides France, this is my other favorite! Love all of the American stuff in the store!


I cant find this shirt online anywhere. I found it in The World of Disney in Disney Springs. There was a mickey one as well!

Here’s what I bought the little boy I babysit:


He’s obsessed with my glass chip mug, so I got him is own little plastic one! I saw this all around the parks this trip. He is so cute!


He also loves my Duffy, so I thought it would be a good idea to get him the book!!!


The last thing I got him is from the ride Expedition Everest In Animal Kingdom. I got this from the gift shop you go into after the ride. I also got myself a white long sleeve shirt that says “Expedition Everest Mountain Rescue” that I cant find online ANYWHERE.