Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is the happiest place on earth. There is truly no place like it. It’s our personal favorite park in all of Disney World, just like many other Disney fanatics. There are so many unbelievable, magical locations in Disney, but we do have some favorites! In this series, “Our Favorite Places”, we are going to talk about some places in Disney World that really stand out to us! First stop…Gaston’s Tavern!

As I have stated before, Gaston’s Tavern is one of my all time favorite places in all of Disney World. Jenna and I are both huge fans of Beauty and the Beast. Definitely one of our favorite Disney movies, if not our favorite. The first time I saw this place, I was instantly in awe. They did an unbelievable job at showcasing the tavern and making it look identical to how it looked in the movie. There are so many little details that really make this place special. We are going to show some of our favorite things about Gaston’s Tavern, and show you just how cool this place really is!



Right when you walk up to Gaston’s Tavern you are immediately greated by this hilarious Statue of Gaston giving his famous Flex while standing on the shoulders of his brainless sidekick Le Fou! This is my favorite part of the whole place. It’s such a great, funny statue, but once you read the plague that’s underneath it, it’s even funnier!



This is what really makes the whole statue! It gave me a good laugh, that’s for sure! Nothing says “I’m in love with myself”, like giving a statue of yourself to the “humble people of your village”. Gotta love it!



Now we enter the tavern! I couldn’t believe how close this place looked to the movie when I walked in. The attention to detail is amazing. “I use antlers in all of my decorating”, just as Gaston stated, there are antlers everywhere! You feel like you’re in the movie!



As you can see, there are more antlers covering the walls all around the tavern, because Gaston sure does love his antlers! I thought this dart board was a fun touch too. Clearly, Gaston is pulverizing Le Fou in a game of darts. Would you expect anything less?!



One of coolest things in the tavern is the portrait above the fire place! Just as it’s seen during the performance of “Gaston” in the movie. So much fun! He really does look to be “roughly the size of a barge!”



To my surprise, there is actually some really good food and drink here! During the day, we were doing a lot of things and didn’t want to stop for a meal, so we decided we would grab something from here really quick before we went on with our day. Shockingly, this was SUPER delicious. It’s pretty much how it sounds, it is ham and melted cheese inside a warm pretzel. This is SO tasty, and would most definitely recommend it!



Right here we have “Le Fou’s Brew”! We have mentioned this in multiple blog posts already, but it’s so good that we can’t stop thinking about it! “Le Fou’s Brew” is a caramel apple drink with a toasted marshmallow foam on top. By far, one of mine and Jenna’s favorite treats in all of Disney. I also bought the souvenir cup to go with it!


All in all, “Gaston’s Tavern” is one of our favorite places, by far. This is a place you have to take the time to check out when you’re roaming around Magic Kingdom. “Gaston’s Tavern” has great atmosphere, great food, and great detail. You will walk out feeling happier than before you came in…we PROMISE!