1 – First time you went to Disney World?

The first time I went to Disney World was last year in March with Jenna. I hadn’t been on a vacation since I was a kid, so this was very exciting for me. I had also never been on a plane before, and being in Florida was a completely new experience for me. Since my first trip, we have already been back a second time, and we are already plan our third trip. I will go to Disney World every year until I die, we truly love this place!



2 – Favorite Park?

Without a doubt, Magic Kingdom is my favorite park. It is the most magical place on earth. We can spend days there, and it never gets old. Nothing beats ending a perfect day with watching wishes! I do put Epcot second on my list, but it doesn’t come close to my love for Magic Kingdom!


3 – Favorite land in Magic Kingdom?

For me, I would have to say Frontierland. Splash Mountain is our favorite ride, and we have some really great memories here.  When I think about Magic Kingdom, my mind immediately goes to Frontierland! It’s also the only place you can get the legendary turkey leg in Magic Kingdom, so that sure helps!



4 – Favorite Disney World Resort?

We have been to the Polynesian to eat dinner and to indulge in Dole Whips, and I have to say, its absolutely beautiful. I would have to say that is my DREAM resort, but my favorite resort has to go to the one we have stayed at twice before…and that’s Port Orleans Riverside! We know the grounds perfectly, and it has been like home to us in Disney World!


5 – Favorite Snack?

There are SO many tasty snacks in Disney World and it’s so hard to just choose one. But if I had to choose…I would probably say my favorite snack would be the dole whip. It’s a cornerstone of Disney World, and if you have never had one, then you are missing out on the greatest dessert ever!


6 – Favorite Souvenir?

I have gotten SO many souvenirs during my time in Disney, but most of them consist of mugs and glasses. I have a bit of a problem, I have purchased many many many of them. My favorite one though, might have to be the authentic Das Boot beer glass that I got from Germany in the World Showcase. There’s nothing like drinking beer out of a huge boot!


7 – Favorite table service and counter service?

We have eaten at so many awesome table service restaurants in Disney. A few that stick out to me are, Cinderella’s Royal Table, The Boathouse, and Ohana, but nothing can compare to Be Our Guest! As amazing as it is to eat in Cinderella’s castle, it falls short to eating in the Beast’s castle. If you are as big of a fan of Beauty and the Beast as Jenna and myself are, you can understand!

We really don’t eat at too many counter service restaurants, but I do have a few favorites. We found this great sandwich shop in Disney Springs called Earl of Sandwich! I had myself a tasty little sandwich and bowl of soup. I really enjoyed it, and we will going back there for sure next year!



8 – Favorite Ride?

The rides in Disney World are what make it so amazing. I have so many favorites, but that’s for another post! I would have to say my favorite ride has to be Splash Mountain. I can’t even count how many times we have been on it, and it never gets old. Seeing the vultures in top hats and realizing you are about to drop and get soaked is exciting every single time!


9 – Favorite Show?

As a grown man, it’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I absolutely love the Frozen Sing Along show! It’s so entertaining and will keep you laughing for a half hour straight. The performers are hilarious, and of course you get to sing along with some of the best Disney songs ever!


10 – Favorite Parade or Fireworks?

Without a doubt, the best fireworks show is Wishes. There’s nothing like ending a perfect day sitting on Main Street watching the fireworks by the castle. It’s one of the most magical parts of the Disney World experience!IMG_3752.JPG


11 – Favorite Pavilion in Epcot?

Not even a question, France is my favorite place in Epcot. The food is great, the shops are wonderful, and everything is just beautiful! If I could live there, I would!


12 – What Color is your Magic Band?

On my first trip, I decided to go with a personal favorite color and have an orange magic band. This year, I wanted to change it up a bit, and I saw they had a new color, so I got purple! Jenna was originally going with pink but at the last minute she got purple also, and we had the same color!


13 – Favorite Character to Meet?

We really love meeting characters while we are in Disney World so this is a tough one. We always love meeting Rapunzel, because that’s Jen’s favorite. We have also always gotten some really nice Ariel’s and Tiana was a lot of fun to meet. They are all so nice, but my favorite is by far the interactive mickey. He does some tricks and interacts with you. It’s a really intimate meeting, and a lot of fun always!




14 – A Character you haven’t met but really want to?

I’m not even sure if they regularly have a Gaston to meet, but I have never seen it. If I ever got to meet Gaston, my trip would be made. He is my favorite Disney Villian and maybe even my favorite Disney Character!


15 – Your best Disney memory?

My best Disney memory was actually the first time I got to see Main Street USA in person. Just seeing the castle at the end of the street was amazing and it is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.