The day we had been dreaming about since the second we got home last year had finally come.

I woke up around 3 am- wide awake of course. It’s similar to the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning as a kid.

After getting ready and saying my goodbye’s to my family, Donny’s dad arrived to drop us at the airport. When we finally got to the airport it was still dark. Probably around 4:45 am. Our flight was at 7. We immediately went through security and got my once a year McDonald’s breakfast (which was heavenly by the way). Before we knew it, we were taking off from Chicago to Orlando.


The flight was quick because I slept a lot of the time. The moment we landed in Orlando I swear it was an unforgettable feeling. It was sunny outside and we were so excited.

We got our bags and found our way to the magical express and got on within seconds of getting to the line. The Magical Express is the happiest part of your trip in the beginning and the saddest part at the end.


When we arrived to our resort, Port Orleans Riverside, we immediately checked in but sadly our room wasn’t ready yet. We dropped our bags off where they will hold them for us and went to our food court. We got the infamous chicken nuggets and fries. We also picked out our resort mugs (They have pink now!) and filled them up. We were super hungry but the grease wasn’t sitting well with us so we didn’t eat much. When we got the text saying our room was ready we left right away.

We got their quickly because we were in the same Lodge as our last trip so we remembered how to get around. Walking into the air conditioned room, all I could think was one thing…..I need a shower. Sadly I had to wait for our bags to get dropped off, but when they were, I did just that. I got right into the shower and into clean clothes. I felt so gross after being on the plane and all sweaty walking around the airport and the resort. We then took about a two hour nap and made our way to the boat to go to Disney Springs.


It didn’t take long to get onto the boat; before we knew it we were on our way to Disney Springs. When we got off the boat, we were so overwhelmed with excitement. When we get to Disney our inner child definitely comes out; as should everyone’s when you’re in such a happy, magical place.


We immediately went into the best store they have to offer; The World Of Disney. A lot of the stuff hasn’t changed. I think no matter how long you vacation at Disney, you will always see a lot of the same merchandise. It doesn’t change your excitement for it, though. No matter how many of the same Grumpy shirts I see, I’ll still be happy to see it. We obviously bought a couple things (how could you not!) It was hard for us to grasp that our long awaited trip had come so quickly, and I was already upset about it ending (In a week).

We spent the rest of the day browsing all the shops and enjoying every second of the place we like to call our second home. Before we knew it, it was 8:00. Which means it’s time for our reservation for one of our FAVORITE restaurants; The Boat House.

Walking in right away we saw live music and got our table within minutes. We absolutely love the atmosphere of this place. For our appetizer (or should I say Donny’s that I ate anyway) He got some delicious shrimp that still had the little legs on them. You had to peel the shell off. Along with the bread, which is always my favorite part of the meal. Us being us, we ordered the exact same dinners we got last year; Donny got a Filet Mignon and I got a “Yacht club.” Then our waiter somehow scammed us into trying some coffee a woman apparently made for him once. He said it was so good that he should’ve married her. I think it was just his way of getting us to buy it.


Regardless, the dinner was absolutely amazing, as always. The night somehow got away from us, and at around 10:00 we decided to take the boat back to our hotel.

I can’t explain the feeling of getting in that warm bed with my cozy PJ’s on. Going to sleep was easy snuggling with Donny, knowing that in the morning I’d be in my most favorite place in the entire world, Magic Kingdom.