Every time we go to Magic Kingdom it’s the best day of my life. Seriously, it is.

I woke up at 9:00 am to the Florida sun shining through our window. I turned over and looked at the love of my life next to me and thought life literally cannot get any better. I’m in Disney, with my boyfriend and we’re going to Magic kingdom. I’m blessed.

I got out of bed and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make coffee…I’m used to a Keurig, okay?

After I got Donny out of bed finally, he helped me make coffee and we just ate something small that we brought with us. Got in the shower and got ready for our day. We left our room and took the short walk to the Bus.

There really are no words to describe walking into that place. The music they play and the atmosphere in general is everything. We made our way to our heaven: Main street USA. The sun was shining especially this morning which made everything that much more magical. We knew we had a long day ahead of us so we needed some fuel, so to Starbucks we go.


After that we couldn’t wait to get our annual picture in front of the castle. So that’s exactly what we did. But we actually hated how they turned out.


-Donny’s eyes are closed and my sunglasses look too tiny for my fat face.

But anyway, after the disappointment of those pictures we decided to enjoy Main street more in depth. We went through every shop and loved every second of it, of course.

And then, the REAAAAL fun began. We had a fast pass for Space Mountain, which would be our first ride this whole trip. Personally, I HATE Space Mountain but Donny loves it. I literally keep my eyes closed the whole time. It made me soooo nauseous this time! We spent a few minutes looking for a Space Mountain shirt for Donny in the little shop you go in after the ride but we couldn’t find any good ones for men, only for kids.  Poor Don was bummed. I looove Magic Kingdom but Tomorrowland is my least favorite land. Not sure why, I just don’t care much for it. We made our way to myyyyy FAVORITE! Fantasyland!

We went by Punzie’s tower and enjoyed those WONDERFUL bathrooms. Ugh, I love tangled. I wish she had more than just bathrooms.


I was anxious to meet Rapunzel but the lines were just too long. As we were getting tired of the heat, we took a break to see Philhar Magic. Every time I see it I love it that much more. The rest of our fast passes weren’t until after our dinner so we just made our way around Fantasyland and Frontierland.

Fast forward some time we were soo hungry. We made our way to Gaston’s tavern and had Lefou’s Brew and a ham and cheese pretzel just to hold us over until dinner. We love Lefou’s Brew. It’s literally heaven in a cup.

We stayed around this area for a little bit waiting for our Dinner reservation at Be Our Guest so we decided to have a little photoshoot in front of Ariel’s castle.


After we walked around we made our reservation at Be Our Guest. We checked in and only waited about 5 minutes to be called in. We had a really sweet waitress too. There were candles on the table and our napkins were folded like roses.


We got bread and I ordered the French Onion soup and Donny and I were just mesmerized by this place. At 6:00 the beast walked through and we were soooo star struck to see him!! We finished up our meal and ordered “They Grey Stuff” for dessert. There were other dessert options as well, but how can you get anything but the grey stuff at a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant?

grey stuff.jpg

We then waited in line to meet the beast. He was so cute and nice! While we were waiting in line we saw a woman who was working at the restaurant playing with some little girls on the floor, it was super sweet.

We had such a great time. We then made our way towards Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain and rode both before we headed back to the castle for wishes.


We went to the castle a bit early to get a good spot for wishes. The castle was lit up for Christmas and it couldn’t have been more beautiful and perfect. We were sitting on a curb together just so incredibly happy. Donny then said he had to go to the bathroom and came back to me with the sweetest gift.  He got me a ring from Pandora. Just when I couldn’t feel happier! He knows just how to make me happy.

We then watched wishes and when it was over we realized we were exhausted. We headed back to our hotel and ended the night watching the food network in bed.

A perfect first day in my eyes.