I am an absolute Disney movie fanatic. I can watch them every single day, and never get tired of them. I honestly find myself watching one every day. The wonderful thing about it, is that there are over 60 different animated titles to choose from. There is so much variety, you can watch something completely different from the one you watched last. That’s the magic of Disney. You always find yourself either watching one for the first time, or just revisiting the classics that you love. They never run their course on you, you always find yourself loving the movies more with every watch. This list is so incredibly hard to make, but I believe I have compiled my top 5 all time favorite Disney animated movies. These are the ones I can watch every day, and they would always have the same effect on me. I hope this list gets you thinking, and maybe sparks your interest to revisit a Disney masterpiece. Enjoy!


* Yes, Disney/Pixar is included*


First we start with the honorable mentions…


A Bug’s Life

This may come as a shock, but yes, I LOVE this movie. Releasing as the second Disney/Pixar film was the wonderful story about the hopeless bug trying to make a name for himself, amongst many doubters. A Bug’s life in my opinion is one of the funniest Disney animated films. From the tough guy lady bug “Francis”, all the way to the dumb, chubby, lovable caterpillar “Heimlich”, I find myself laughing constantly during this one. Not to mention, the perfect casting of Kevin Spacey for “Hopper”. What gets better than Kevin Spacey voicing an evil, destructive grasshopper? A wonderful watch, and maybe even considered to be a hidden gem, give A Bug’s Life a rewatch as soon as possible!





Toy Story (‘s)

Here it is, the original Disney/Pixar film. An absolutely wonderful idea for a movie. What happens to your toys when you’re not around? Well, we found out here! A perfect idea translated into a perfect movie. This movie really served as one of the first movies to use CGI, and as a result, most everything now is done in CGI for animated movies. A true pioneer for film. No one could have been a better fit for Woody and Buzz. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen made this movie funny, witty, and unforgettable. Toy Story was brought to life, by all of the unique individuals who make the movie hilarious. Truthfully, I would say Toy Story 2 is a personal favorite of mine, and just missed the top 5. These fun films about friendship and loyalty will forever be remembered as one of the all time greats in animation, for many many years to come.




I know what you must be thinking…”Really? The most recent Disney animated movie is already climbing the ranks?” The answer is yes! Before going to see it in theatres I had super high expectations. I was waiting for this movie for a long time, and was hoping it was going to be amazing. After seeing it, I had some to the conclusion that it completely exceeded my expectations. One of the best movies Disney has put out in a very long time. Moana and Maui made this movie an instant favorite. The soundtrack is one of my all time favorites now! “You’re Welcome” and “Shiny” make me laugh every time I listen to them. A well executed movie, and one Jenna and I will be watching for a very very very long time.



Just missed the honorable mentions…

– Snow White and the Seven Dwarves…The Start of it all.

– Frozen…very close to making the list. A wonderful story of love and friendship, with one of the best soundtracks.

– The Incredibles…laugh out loud hilarious movie. One of the funniest movies Disney has put out.

– Cinderella…Another classic that never fails to impress. The reason Disney World is as magical as it is.


Off we go!


5. The Lion King

A true childhood favorite of mine. I’ve watched this countless times in my life, all the way from being a little kid to right now. This movie has everything. There’s a great story line, it has great humor, and it’s even dark at some parts. Not a time goes by that I watch the scene where Scar pushes Mufasa, that I don’t think “Come on…pull yourself up!”. It’s a timeless movie that gets better with every watch. Match the humor and suspense with a strong ending, and you have a movie that will be watched for years to come. I can almost guarantee every kid born in the 90’s has seen this movie at least once growing up.



4. Monster’s Inc.

This is where the list REALLY starts getting hard. I absolutely love Monsters Inc. How could this movie not be hilarious with Billy Crystal as Mike Wizowski, and John Goodman as Sully? A laugh fest from the start to the end. The little comments and expressions from Mike make this movie what it is, hilarious. An unbelievable story line about how there really are monsters who come out during the night to scare us, but they’re really not “monsters” in that sense of the word. They’re people like you and me. To get a glance in the every day activities of a monster is a terrific idea, that bring laughs and happiness throughout. Add in the aspect of becoming attached to one of the little kids from the other side , Boo, and you have yourself a masterpiece. Monsters Inc is one I can watch constantly, and I will always be brought Joy. Perfection.



3. Up

I love this movie so much, that it feels wrong to put it at the number 3 spot. But, it has to be done. Up has all the makings of a perfect movie. Much like a good essay, you are immediately drawn in from the love story between Carl and Elle. Before you know it, you have tears in your eyes, and then realize the movie is just beginning. The grumpiness of Carl mixed with the innocence of Russell immediately brings in humor and laughs. Setting off on an Adventure Carl always promised the love of his life, brings a smile to your face. This movie shows how wonderful true love really is, and shows age has no effect on a great friendship. When Carl gives Russell the grape soda pin, the movie is concluded with pure happiness. This movie never fails to impress me. Not only is it a wonderful movie, but it has the best music score of any Disney animated movie ever. Michael Giachinno’s “Married Life” brings this movie to life. This is a wonderful, hilarious, adventurous movie that will forever have a special place in my heart.



2. Tangled

Much like up, Tangled is a movie about adventure. The risky journey from the tower Rapunzel has never left, to the Festival of Laterns. Since I could remember, Jenna has loved this movie to death. When I finally saw it, I realized how special this movie truly is. Rapunzel is a girl who just wants to go out and see the world she has never seen first hand. With songs like “Mother Knows Best” and “When Will My Life Begin”, this movie is among the Disney greats, in terms of soundtrack.  When Flynn Rider enters the tower, the story truly begins. With each other they are a great team, and explore the outside world together. There are countless laughs that come with every scene, and it just gets better with every watch. This story about adventure, risk, and love is and always will be one of my all time favorite Disney movies.



1. Beauty and the Beast

Here it is, my favorite Disney animated movie of all time…Beauty and the Beast. In my eyes, this is a perfect movie. Every single aspect of this movie is perfection. It’s not shocking this movie was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars in 1991, it’s just that good. You are instantly inticed by the story of the Beast and all of his servants in the castle. I believe every character makes this movie magical. Cogsworth, Lumierre, Mrs. Pots, and Chip all have huge parts in making this movie a masterpiece. And, of course, my most favorite Disney Character of all time has a pretty big part too…the narcissistic, burley, Gaston. Pairing this movie with the greatest Disney soundtrack of all time makes for an unforgettable viewing experience. This movie is one that will resonate with it’s viewers for many years to come. This is the ultimate Disney movie in my eyes, and I will love it dearly forever.



Those are my all time favorite Disney animated movies!… what are yours?