Personally, when we go to Disney, meeting characters is one of our favorite parts. Don’t take this the wrong way; every character is fun to meet. But, if I had to pick, these would be my favorite characters to hangout with on a wonderful day in Walt Disney World.

TALKING MICKEY- Yes, of course. You probably knew this was coming… or you didn’t know it existed. Talking Mickey is located in the Town Square Theatre in Magic Kingdom. Usually costume characters can’t talk back to you, so being able to chat with the man himself is always the best part of my day. He will sometimes even do a magic trick for you! The line may be long, but it is beyond worth it!

If you cant tell, we get pretty excited to see our best friend

MEXICO DONALD- Every time we meet this Donald, we love him that much more. He is so fun and friendly and gives some great hugs! One time we hugged so hard I made his sombrero fall off. You will almost always see this Donald in Epcot, and I definitely recommend meeting him. You will have a great time with this little guy!




PLUTO- How could I not add this furball to the list?! I ADORE meeting Pluto. If you see Pluto, MEET HIM! He will make your day.


RAPUNZEL- If you know me, you know that this is a given. Rapunzel is my favorite princess on screen and off. You can meet her in Magic Kingdom in Princess Fairytale Hall.  She’s so funny and every time we meet I remember why she is my favorite! I love hanging out with this girl!



SNOW WHITE- You can find Snow White in Germany in Epcot. She is always so welcoming and sweet. You’ll be sure get a smile and a laugh from this one!



TIANA- Donny and I were always iffy about meeting Tiana because Donny never saw the movie and I had only seen parts of it. Turns out we LOVE the movie and Tiana! She was actually one of the best character interactions I’ve ever had. Love her! You can find her in Princess Fairytale hall in Magic Kingdom as well.



OLAF- This should be a given as well. Everybody loves Olaf! You can meet Olaf In Hollywood Studios and if you are given the opportunity, don’t pass it up! He’s just as fun in person as he is in the movie Frozen!