As I stated in my other post about resorts, they’re really important. You want to stay somewhere that best suits you and whoever you will be on this magical adventure with. You want somewhere you will be comfortable and will feel like home.

Disney’s Deluxe Resorts are amazing, but beauty of them doesn’t come without a price…….you’ll see what I mean.

The cheapest Deluxe Resort starts at $319 a night. That resort is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

DISNEY’S ANIMAL KINGDOM LODGE starts at $319 a night. That’s just for a standard room, though. You can get an amazing room with a Savanna view for $530 a night. The Savanna view actually allows you to view the beautiful wild life of Disney’s Animal Kingdom from your bedroom window. The most expensive room goes up to $1,509 a night..If anyone makes that kind of money and want’s to give me a few tips that would be great. Besides the hotel rooms, there is a lot more to this resort! This resort includes pools, “Simba’s Clubhouse”, a playground, Jambo House campfire activities, Pumbaa’s fun and games arcade, and movies under the stars! Fine dining Includes “Jiko- The cooking place”, unique themed dining includes “Boma- Flavors of Africa”, “Sanaa”, and “Jiko Wine Tasting”. Quick service includes “The Mara”, “Maji Pool Bar”, “Uzima Springs Pool Bar”.


DISNEY’S POLYNESIAN VILLAGE starts at $452 a night. This is where Donny and I want to have our honeymoon. It is absolutely gorgeous! Not only do they sell the infamous Dole Whip at this location (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), they also have some other pretty amazing things. Lets start with recreation. The Polynesian has pools, an adorable little beach (you cannot go into the water), Movies under the stars, Motorized boat rentals, Village campfire activities, Fishing, Volleyball, a jogging trail and “Lilo’s Playhouse!” The Polynesian also has one of mine and Donny’s FAVORITE restaurants called “Ohana” Which features a special character breakfast and an amazing sit down dinner. Their Unique/themed dining includes “Tambu Lounge-great ceremonial house” and “Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto” and their quick service includes “Pineapple Lanai”, “Kona Island”, “Capt. Cooks”, “Barefoot Pool Bar”, and “Oasis bar&grill”. This is the only Deluxe Resort I’ve ever been to and I adore it. At this resort you also have access to the Monorail.


DISNEYS GRAND FLORIDIAN RESORT & SPA starts at $574 a night, but trust me…if you’re looking to spend more, you can! Because the most expensive room, a 2 bedroom suite, is $2,047 a night. Holy cow.  Anyway, This resort is described as “Victorian elegance meets modern sophistication”. This resort has pools with poolside cabanas, motorized boat rentals, a pirate adventure cruise and well as other specialty cruises, movies under the stars, fishing, arcade games, basketball courts, and campfire activities. Sounds to me like it’s impossible to be bored at this resort. They have character dining called “1900 Park Fare” that I have heard nothing but amazing things about. They also have Unique/themed dining, casual, and quick service! ( Check out Disney’s website for more info) They also have 24 hour room service. I need that. At home though.


DISNEY’S BOARDWALK INN is an absolutely gorgeous waterfront resort hotel. Room rates for Disney’s Boardwalk Inn start at $408 a night. I have never been here but it is definitely a place Donny and I will be checking out on our next trip and maybe one day when we make millions we can stay here no problemo. As for recreation, this resort has pools, MINI GOLF!!, campfire activities, bike rentals, movies under the stars, fishing, tennis, jogging, an arcade, and a playground. Bet you can catch me at the mini golf loving every second of it. This Deluxe resort features lots of dining. One of the restaurants here caught mine and Donny’s eye, it’s called “Big River Grille & Brewing Works”. It is unique dining and their menu looks great. Along with the Unique Dining, there is Fine Dining, casual dining, quick service, and in room dining (6am to midnight).



DISNEY’S CONTEMPORARY RESORT is described as an ultra-modern resort. Just by the looks of it, you can tell how amazing it is. Room rates start at $378 a night. They have award winning dining. This includes “Chef Mickeys” which is a fun character Dining experience, and an amazing fine/signature dining restaurant called “California Grill”. It also includes unique/themed dining, and quick service as well as 24 hour room service. As for recreation at this gorgeous resort, there is pools, cabana rentals, fishing, motorized boat rentals, volleyball, tennis, campfires, movies under the stars, jogging trail, arcade, and an exciting voyage to watch fireworks. The Pirates and Pals Firework Voyage is where “you can cast off on a seven seas lagoon cruise where Pirates, fireworks, and tasty treats are right around the bend.”



DISNEY’S WILDERNESS LODGE is inspired by turn-of-the-century National Park Lodges and is designed to honor the beauty of the untamed wilderness. Rooms for this resort start at $307 a night……not bad compared to our other friends up there^^^^. This resort features all of the same recreational activities as the others: jogging, arcade, pools, etc. The awesome thing that this resort features that the others don’t, is backstage magic. Yes, that’s right. for $275 you can get a 7 hour backstage tour to enjoy behind the scenes access of attractions and entertainment. Their dining includes Fine/ signature dining, Unique/themed dining, quick service, and in-room dining.



DISNEY’S BEACH CLUB RESORT already sounds amazing because the beach club is my favorite sandwich from Jimmy Johns. Okay but really, room rates for this resort start at $374 a night. They have a fun character dining experience called “Cape May Café” as well as fine/signature dining, casual dining, and quick service. One of their casual dining places is an Ice Cream Shop called “Beaches and Cream” and I’ve always heard people talk about it because you can order something called “The Kitchen Sink”. The kitchen sink has scoops of Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chips smothered in every topping they have. Sign me up, people. I can finish that easily. Their recreational activities include pools, mini golf, pirate adventure cruise, sandcastle club, arcade, tennis, jogging, volleyball, bike rentals, fishing, motorized boat rentals, and movies under the stars.

There ya have it folks, those are all of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts. If you have any more questions feel free to check out