Dining in Disney World is one of the most exciting parts of the trip! Getting to try new foods and experience new places is always so much fun. One of the most exciting restaurants I have had to pleasure to dine at in Disney World is Ohana. Ohana is a  “Lilo and Stitch” inspired restaurant, and it’s not hard to tell. It screams Hawaii! It’s located at the beautiful Polynesian Resort, overlooking the pool, and water. I had only heard about this place, But this year I had the chance to check it out for myself. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this delicious restaurant!


First off, let’s talk about the atmosphere. For one thing, I was already sold when we walked into the Polynesian. It’s an absolutely beautiful resort and I HIGHLY recommend just visiting once on your next trip. This place is truly beautiful. We had the chance to walk around and even get ourselves a Dole Whip before our meal! It was a perfect day, and we just sat outside eating our Dole Whip, awaiting our reservation time. When we finally entered, it was easy to tell how heavily inspired by Hawaii it was. It seriously looks like you’re in Hawaii. Upon entering, you can see a man playing the ukulele and singing to the tables. Such a cool added bonus!  Once greeted by your waiter, you are taught the words “Ohana” and “Shaka”. The waiters and staff are really interactive, and it just makes for a fun experience. We were lucky enough to get seated right by the window. We got even luckier, because it was the nicest night of our trip. We got to look over the pool and water right as we ate our dinner, and it was amazing. The atmosphere here is one of the best all around in Disney World. Not many can compare to the atmosphere at Ohana.




The food here is a big eater’s dream. Ohana serves its food as family style. Family style means there’s already pre decided menus for everybody, and as much as you want. I’m quite the eater, so when I heard that, I was pretty excited! They start you off with this really tasty pineapple-coconut bread. It’s not in your face pineapple, but you can taste a little sweetness and a little pineapple with every bite. It was warm, fresh, delicious, and did not last very long. After that, they give you some appetizers. You are given a mixed greens salad with a lilikoi dressing, honey coriander chicken wings, and pork dumplings tossed in a garlic-ginger sauce. These did not disappoint. You could make a meal out of all the food they give you here. Once they see you finished something, they give you more. Before the food even came, I felt like I was getting filled up. In my eyes, that’s a great thing. By the time you’re done with the appetizers they immediately bring you your entree. The entree consists of sweet and sour chicken, sirloin steak, and spicy shrimp. They are all so extremely delicious. They’re constantly bringing out fresh food, and you can even see the chef grilling up everything so you know it’s fresh. The servers come around with skewers of everything, and will give you as much as you want. I can guarantee you will be full when the meal is done. But, the best part about eating at Ohana is…the dessert! They may have the tastiest dessert in all of Disney World. Their bread pudding a la mode with a bananas-caramel sauce, is something that you will dream about every single day following eating this. This is the real deal dessert, and a HUGE reason I know I’ll be back at Ohana again. The food at Ohana is out of this world. If you love grilled meat, and lots of it, this is DEFINITELY the place for you.



The service at Ohana was unbelievable. Ohana may actually take the prize for best service in Disney World, in my eyes. Not only were the servers over the top nice and interactive, but they were constantly on their toes. As soon as they saw we finished our drinks, they were filled. As soon as they saw we were running low on food, they came by with the skewers. Never once did I feel like we were waiting, and they just made you feel very comfortable. Absolutely amazing service.



The cost of Dining seems pretty run of mill for a Disney World dinner. You will be looking at $35-$60 without the dining plan. If you are like us, and use the disney dining plan, this meal only costs 1 meal credit per person. I would definitely say, you get the most out of your 1 meal credit that’s for sure! Even if we weren’t on the plan, I would still say it’s a fairly good deal, considering all of the huge amounts of food you’re getting.


All around, I would highly recommend Ohana to anyone and everyone! I loved this place. It gets 5 stars from me on everything. Amazing atmosphere, wonderful food, and some of the best waiters and waitresses around. Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT miss Ohana on your next trip. You will be very happy you went!