Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth. There is countless things to do, things to see, and experiences to experience. Sometimes though, you need a little break from all the hectic activity. Sometimes, you just want to take your time, and relax a little bit.  Disney Springs is the perfect place to do this. Located on the premises of Walt Disney World is the outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex known as Disney Springs, (Formally known as Downtown Disney). Disney Springs is a great place to do some shopping, eat some great food, and even catch a show. Most importantly, Disney Springs is the perfect place to slow down, catch your breath, while still taking in all the magic of Disney World.






Disney Springs is filled to the brim with things to do. If you are an avid Disney merchandise shopper like we are, this is THE place for you! Currently Disney Springs is listed as having 110 different shops. There is no shortage of places to spend your day browsing around and checking out. Not only are there Disney merchandise shops, but there’s also other shops like you would find at a mall. But, if you are a Disney merch fanatic, then this is definitely the place for you. In our opinion, the best shop in ALL of Disney World is The World of Disney. This is the ultimate Disney shop. That’s not a joke. This place is the REAL deal. There is absolutely everything here. It’s such a big shop that they have signs hanging above head to direct you to where you want to go, and what you may want to look at. There’s such a huge selection of merch to look at, I can almost guarantee you will walk out with one, or multiple things, Definitely our favorite shop in Downtown Disney, and one we always go to first. Another really cool shop to check out while walking around is Disney’s Days of Christmas. There’s just something exciting and special about walking into this shop. You really feel like it’s Christmas time. There’s ornaments, decorations, and jolly goodness everywhere. It’s a fun shop to check out, one that everyone should stop in and see.





Not only is Disney Springs filled with plenty of amazing shops, but there’s plenty of places to enjoy a nice meal. There’s currently 54 different places to eat, and a lot of variety. The great thing about Disney Springs is there’s a plethora of quick service and counter service. If you’re not familiar with Disney lingo, quick service is essentially Disney World fast food, and counter service is dining at sit down restaurants. It’s pretty cool because you can get a nice steak, or you can get a soup and sandwich. There’s a big variety of things to eat. If you’re looking for the greatest steak on the face of the Earth, then you NEED to go to The Boathouse. We have dined here twice in the past few years, and it’s among our favorite restaurants in all of Disney World. It’s a really nice place to eat, without being too fancy. It’s the perfect atmosphere. Everything we have tried, we have loved. We have written about this place before, and you can find in depth detail about it in our other posts! If you’re just looking for a quick eat during a busy day, you should check out Earl of Sandwich. We really just stumbled on this place. We were looking for a quick meal, and just walked in. I am SO happy we did. For being a quick service restaurant, this place is awesome. We both got soup and sandwiches, and we’re beyond satisfied with it. It’s top notch quick service. Don’t be afraid to try different places. That’s exactly how we found some of our favorite places in Disney World. You’ll never know, unless you try!



When you need a break from everything, Disney Springs is the place to go. It’s the place where you can step away from all the activities and just relax. This is the perfect mediator for everything going on around Disney. Whether you’re looking to shop, eat, or catch some entertainment, Disney Springs is the place to do it. So on your next trip, when you’re worn down from all the days walking around the parks, I hope you consider checking this place out. Disney Springs is the place to be, see for yourself!