When you think about Walt Disney, one of the first things to come into your head most likely is, the ultimate classic Disney masterpiece…Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. This timeless classic has survived the test of time, to still stay on top as one of the most prestigious animated films of all time. Not only is it regarded as one of the most prestigious animated films of all time, but it’s widely respected as one of the great films of all time. This film pioneered the roads to animated film for years and years to come. This simple story of a princess found the hearts of many, and continues to as time passes by. Today, I will be reviewing this beautiful piece of work, and giving my thoughts on this Disney picture.




Released as the first animated film from Walt Disney, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs hit audiences in the year 1937. It’s pretty amazing that something of this nature was released in such a time, considering animated film was not yet established or accepted as it is now.  Not many, if any, were doing the things that Walt Disney was doing at this time. The amazing thing I find intriguing about this picture, is that something this wonderful could be created in 1937. At his first crack, he really hit it big. The animation set the standard for what animated movies should look like. The beautifully drawn animation, the vivid colors, and the realistic yet dreamy pictures made it what it is…a perfect animated film. It really blows my mind that they were able to create this in a time where animated film was not the norm. It almost seems like a movie that was produced years and years into producing such films. Perfectly executed, and wonderfully portrayed, the nostalgic animation now holds a dear place in the hearts of those who watch and rewatch it time again.




Not only was the animation perfect, but so was the story. It’s such a simple story, and I believe that is what makes Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs great. It’s the story of a princess, with a cruel stepmother who’s jealousy is taking over her very exsistance. Drivin into the forrest after a failed ordered murder attempt, Snow White is happy to find that there is indeed a place to stay. Once staying, cleaning, then falling asleep she is met by the heart of the story…the dwarfs. It is here where it is shown how caring, sweet, and truly innocent she is. She stays with them, takes care of them, and watches after them. You really develop a true liking to her. It’s impossible not to like her. Snow White is nothing but a sweet girl, an innocent girl. Of course, the queen finds her way back into the story, by transforming herself into an ugly old woman, with intent to kill Snow White. After visiting her at the Dwarfs home, she poisons her with a poison apple. When the Dwarfs realize what has happened, they rush back to their home, to catch the evil queen, only to find that Snow White has died…but not quite. Showing the love and respect that was given to them, they can’t quite find it in themselves to bury her, but yet they decided to encase her in a glass case. When the prince of her dreams finally finds her, he approaches, and gives her a kiss…the kiss of true love. Snow White then awakes, and finds herself alive, surrounded by the ones she loves, and the queen. This story is such a perfect, simple one, and one that is absolutely timeless. Never dragging, and never boring, this beautiful film stays on track, keeping viewers intrigued until the very end.




The reoccurring word I keep using is “Perfect”. Truthfully, that is the best word to describe this masterpiece. Filled with laughter, suspense, and joy, it is a great watch until the very end. There’s so many aspects that makes this great movie, great. The ahead of his time Walt Disney made sure it was flawless. Nostalgic animation, a beautiful story, and a heart wrenching score makes Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the absolute classic that is is today. The original Disney animated film will forever be held in the highest regards, and will never leave the hearts of Disney fans. It will always beat the test of times, and will never die out. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs will forever be regarded as a masterpiece, as well it should.