If you follow our instagram account @mainstreetandmickey, you may already know…but we are so extremely happy to announce that we are finally annual passholders at Walt Disney World! We have never been more excited to take a trip, because now we are part of the pass holder family. We have booked our upcoming trip for July, and are in full blown planning mode. One of the big things we have talked about for this trip, is making it a point to meet as many characters as possible, that we haven’t met yet. We have met plenty, and love meeting new characters. There are definitely a few that we hope to see around the parks though, to check them off the list! So here are all the characters we hope to meet on this upcoming trip!



For being such huge Beauty and the Beast fans, it’s pretty crazy that we have not gotten the chance to meet Belle. I can only remember seeing Belle once however. I assume she is out all the time, but we just have not had the opportunity to cross paths with her. I do remember seeing her in Epcot by France, and we got in line, excited to meet her. Of course Belle had to take a break, and we didn’t have enough time to stick around to see her. Now with the resurgence of Beauty and the Beast, I’m assuming Belle will be everywhere! Meeting Belle is definitely a priority for this trip!




At the top of my list, stands the wilderness explorer himself…Russell! Most definitely my favorite character, or at least tied for first. It’s said you can catch him at Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom. It’s possible have not seen him yet, because we haven’t gone there more than one day in a trip. I will most definitely be on the lookout all day at Animal Kingdom this year however…we NEED to meet him!




We are HUGE Moana fans. After we saw the movie, we were hooked (pun intended)! Moana had just come out a few months before our last trip, and we didn’t get a chance to catch her roaming around the parks. It’s said that Moana meets and greets at Hollywood Studios. This trip, we will definitely be spending most of our time at Hollywood Studios looking for her. We would love to meet her, it would complete our trip!




The ultimate meet and greet for myself. Meeting Gaston has been something we have tried to do on the last few trips, but it has just not turned out for us. Gaston quite possibly may be my favorite Disney villian, or even character. I’m almost positive you can catch him over by Be Our Guest. After the huge success of the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, I have a feeling we have a good chance at meeting him. This is definitely the most important aspect of our next trip. We HAVE to meet Gaston!




Who do you want to meet? Let us know!